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  • 5 Mile Radius by Jonnah Perkins

    SynchroKnit ambassador Jonnah Perkins pens all about the changes in her year and how, trapped in her 5 mile radius, she remains grounded and appreciative of all the little things written in pencil that time now permits an exploration of the soul.
  • Grow Your Running Knowledge with These Suggestions

    Ways to gain some running knowledge, enhancing your enjoyment.
  • Digital Running Media to Get Your Butt Moving

    COVID has brought about a new way of thinking about your run.
  • The Importance of the Right Gear

    Get the Right Goods to make you run the Best it Can be.
  • So You’ve Decided To Start Running...

    Synchroknit is here to help guide you on your running journey. We don’t want our blog to be a place where we talk about how great we are. That’s boring and doesn’t help anyone! We knew people were thinking about starting to run while in lockdown, and we wanted to provide you with the right information to do it safely and like the pros.
  • Olympic Update by Robert Napolitano

    I was ready to run even faster this summer. I had plans to race domestically and abroad, work harder and win more races. Of course, that is impossible now. The quarantine life is the antithesis of my New York City Olympic life. Normally, I would scarf down 8 miles first thing in the morning, tack on another 4 plus short sprints in the early afternoon, stuff myself into an overcrowded subway to make it to work on time, get home by 9pm, crank the altitude tent over my bed to 9,000ft and fall asleep. Now, I can’t help but feel my dreams crushed as I run easy and sleep at sea level with no races on the horizon and the Olympics over a year away.

  • Training Like a Champion Part 1

    Here are some tips for training for your next 5K. We break it down for beginners and seasoned runners alike, so anyone can take advantage of these suggestions.
  • Transition from Training For Your Race to Social Distance Running

    Running keeps your body and mind healthy--and that’s the best way to fight the coronavirus!

  • What to Expect on Your First Race Day.

    Getting ready to gear up for your first race? It might feel a bit intimidating because it’s a brand-new experience. However, it feels exhilarating ...
  • 2020 – An Olympic Year by Rob Napolitano

    Robert Napolitano prepares for his Olympic Dream.
  • Measuring a Year in Socks -- Jonnah Mellenthin-Perkins

    "A better name for trail running is off-road running because as soon as you leave the pavement or track (and gravel depending who you ask), you are trail running."