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Technology Can Motivate You

We live in an amazing time. The technology we have available helps us achieve our goals and makes us closer than any generation before us. For example: look at the lockdown! We would’ve gone crazy by now if it weren’t for the internet. Thanks to those series of tubes we can stream, Zoom, and post to our heart’s content. It’s certainly helped make the pandemic more manageable--and it can make your running more manageable too! 

There’s so much technology you can utilize to help keep your running mission going. We’re going to tell you a little about some of our favorite things to utilize when it comes to running and the internet. We’ll share with you some of our favorite running apps, virtual races, and even running podcasts. 


Running apps are a great tool to use when you’re starting to learn your running style. They’re like a virtual trainer that’s always encouraging you to get better. When you’re just starting out, the app you need to download right away is Couch to 5K. The name literally tells you what this app is about. It’ll get you off your butt and running a 5K in a matter of 30 days. This is the best running app for beginners. The app breaks up your 5K training over a span of a few weeks and gives you vocal prompts while you run. You don’t have to buy any running books or calculate a training program with this app on your phone.

Strava is a GPS cycling and running app that tracks your running and cycling with GPS and provides join challenges so you can compete with your friends. You can even share photos from your activities, and follow your friends like any social media platform. Aaptiv is an audio fitness app that helps you find workouts based on the goals you have. This is a great app for your off running days. You can find yoga, strength training workouts, and other great options directly in the app. The only downside is the workouts are in audio format, so you can’t double-check a video to see if you’re doing them correctly.

Another one of our favorite apps is Runnkeeper. A little more social than the other running apps we mentioned, Runkeeper allows you to share screenshots of your route, check in with friends, and join virtual races. The interface is really easy to navigate, and you can turn on voice notifications so you can get time updates throughout your run. Runkeeper also keeps track of your stats and gives you colorful graphs so you can access your progress.

Virtual Races

Just because we’re avoiding a pandemic doesn’t mean we can’t race together. Thanks to technology, runners all over the world are still participating in races while remaining socially distant. How you ask? Virtual races! If we can’t run together physically--at least we can run alongside one another from a virtual distance. Thanks to the internet, these virtual races have become the standard in the new normal.

The Zooma Run Club is a collection of female runners ready to reach their running milestones. Whether it be running a little further this week or completing a virtual race each month, this site is a great network of female runners that support one another. Yes Fit has a virtual Bigfoot Virtual Race, and lets you compete in a social distance championship.

The DC Wonder Woman Run is a virtual 5K and 10K. This race was so popular in NYC, that people started asking for a virtual option. They were happy to make it happen. You can register online, and they’ll send a goodie bag to you! Just like any other IRL race day.


If you’re a fan of podcast then we’ve got some running podcasts you need to subscribe to. These are great for a number of reasons. Some shows give you tips on running, others help motivate you, but mostly these shows will entertain and inform you. For the Long Run explores the age-old question: why do runners run? It’s a great listen if you want to know why people love running so much. The Rambling Runner is dedicated to helping amateur runners keep up their training and reach new milestones. I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein is a show dedicated to motivating, and inspiring runners with fun conversations about the activity they love.

Morning Shakeout is one of the best running podcasts out there. With great commentary, interesting interviews, and curated information about running it’s a podcast you definitely need to subscribe to. Ali on the Run explores running interviews in a different way. Sure and her guests talk about running--but they also talk about life and how running has helped them overcome challenges they face. Hurdle with Emily Abbate is a podcast that goes up three times a week, and we’re glad it does. Hurdle is a wellness podcast and the interviews are great. Emily’s mission is to “inspire you to be your best self, move with intention — and have some fun along the way.”

 As you can see, the internet is a great way to remain connected while we’re all apart. You can start your running journey with an encouraging app or hit a milestone running a virtual race. Thanks to technology you never have to feel alone while you run. What are some of your favorite virtual running companions? Comment below!

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