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While under lockdown, you’ve tried everything to keep yourself busy. You’ve finished puzzles, you’ve cleaned out closets, and now it’s time to get out in the sun. The weather is getting warmer, and you can’t help but think about getting in shape. So, you decided to explore the benefits of running, and we’re so glad! Now is a great time to learn a little more about this healthy pass time, and we at Syncroknit want to help you fall in love with our favorite workout. 

We’re Here To Help

Synchroknit is here to help guide you on your running journey. We don’t want our blog to be a place where we talk about how great we are. That’s boring and doesn’t help anyone! We knew people were thinking about starting to run while in lockdown, and we wanted to provide you with the right information to do it safely and like the pros.

Consider this article series to be your one-stop-shop for all your running needs. Need to find the best training for you? We’ll have it! Product recommendations? You betcha! We’re not just a sock company, we love the sport of running--and we want to introduce it to the world!

Helpful Product Guides

Yes, we think you’re going to love our socks--but we also think you’re going to like the other products we recommend. That’s right, just like Santa Claus in A Miracle on 34th Street, we’ll show you the best products and deals to make your running routine solid. We’re not just talking about brands like New Balance or Brooks, we want to share with you brands you might not have heard of like Hoka One One.

We won’t just stop at shoes--our product lists will include all kinds of swag that will improve your running game. We’re going to show you what clothing to wear, what headphones to buy, and what products to use when it comes to your hydration. You’re not going to need a running magazine subscription when you subscribe to this blog.

Training Guides

We’ll share with you some of our favorite training programs. Some of us have been training for years, and we’ve come across some amazing training programs that will help you fall in love with running too. These programs can help any beginner get started, and maybe even help you increase your speed once you get used to the sport. There’s more than one way to train when you’re running, and we’re determined to help you find the program that’s a great fit for you.

Recovery Days

Recovery days are as important as your training. Many running beginners fail to take care of their bodies during their vigorous workouts. This can lead to injury, setbacks, and disenchantment. We don’t want you to fall out of love with running! If anything, we want you to fall madly in love, and maybe even addicted to it.

We’re going to share with you some of our go-to recovery practices. Whether it be taking a yoga class or doing a little self-care. We want you to take care of yourself during your jogging journey. If you incorporate these healthy practices into your workout routine you’ll truly enjoy running as a part of your regular exercise routine. 

Virtual Resources

Believe it or not, but the internet is a great resource for runners just starting out. You don’t have to join a running group and run with a bunch of strangers to get into a running routine! There are apps and virtual events that help motivate you without running around in an awkward crowd.

We’ll tell you about the best apps that will get you off your couch and onto the pavement. Like our go-to running app for beginners, Couch to 5k. We know the best websites that are stockpiled with helpful information that will have you falling in love with running in no time. There are even virtual races and zoom marathons that are happening all the time on the internet! Social Distancing can’t stop you from competing with runners. All you need is an internet connection.

Running Philosophies

Why are people that run so fanatical about it? It’s the running philosophy that comes with training that keeps people addicted to running. When you’re training for a race you’re also building your mental strength! Yes, running can help you in many aspects of life, and running philosophy can help you become a more efficient person.

We’ll introduce you to figures like Steve Prefontaine and Usain Bolt. We’re going to make you watch Chariots of Fire! You’re going to dive right into the motivation running provides to your everyday life. We’ll tell you some of our favorite running ideals, and we’ll even tell you some philosophies that will keep you motivated during your first virtual race. 

Running isn’t just about speed or distance--or even the gear you wear. Running is a mental exercise that helps you push past uncomfortable situations. Like yoga, running teaches us to clear the mind and face obstacles. When you decided to start running, we bet you were only focusing on your physical health. Surprise! Running can help you mentally.

So Much More

We won’t stop at equipment listicles and app downloads. We want you to feed yourself right, so we’ll show you how to keep your nutrition in order.  We know that diet and exercise give people the results they want and we want to give you the tips to nourish your body properly.

Once you’re a seasoned runner we’ll celebrate your running success and keep challenging you with virtual events and training programs. We at Syncorknit want to help you create a network of runners that will help you go from beginner to marathon runner in a matter of months. Subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed and get ready to start your running endeavor. You won’t regret it!

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