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SynchroKnit in Action

Jonnah was one of the first to try SynchroKnit and spoiler alert -- she loves them. A true badass in her own right putting on mile after mile, racing and training, SynchroKnit stays in place and fits like it should.

Pamela Chapman runs Badwater and really puts the miles on. We gave her some SynchroKnit socks to try out and this is what she had to say. A remarkable athlete, wearing one remarkable sock. That's a winning combination.


"SynchroKnit™ is my favorite running sock because it forms so well to my foot to the point I don't even know I'm wearing it 15 miles into a run, which is so great. It beats any sock I've ever worn"- Robert Napolitano, 2020 U.S. Olympic hopeful
"I am really loving the ankle sock with arch support. I have taken them on several runs now and washings. I raced in them for a muddy 11 mile trail race that had a lot of vertical gain/loss and they were great. The two main things that stand out to me are that they don't slip into my shoe (something that other ankle socks have done) and the arch support is AMAZING. It's like a gentle hug on my foot and it keeps it's shape even after I've been on my feet for hours." - Jonnah Perkins (trail runner)
"I raced a 50k in Fruita, Colorado a couple of weeks ago and came through it without any blisters or other issues, they felt great and will definitely be my go-to race sock through the rest of the spring and summer." - Andrew Wise (ultra-runner)
"I run races from 100 miles to 205 miles…socks are extremely important to me. Wearing the SynchroKnit™ sock, which will hug my feet -- they DO NOT SLIP AT ALL. They just seem to be made exactly for my foot. They hug around the heel and they hug around the arch. I don't know what I did without 'em." - Pamela Chapman-Markle 64 year old Ultra-Runner
“I wore mine on Sunday for my trail run and they were awesome.  Felt so comfy, soft and no blisters or hot spots on my feet!” - Julie Fingar, Owner, NorCalUltras
“Our testers loved the arch support in this midweight crew sock, as it can help relieve foot issues like mild plantar fasciitis…. And the toe box wasn’t too constrictive while still keeping tight support on the arch and keeping the cuffs under control.” - Chris Foster, Triathlete Magazine
“The original construction method in the knitting process eliminates unnecessary stitches. The result is a more anatomically shaped sock that provides a contoured fit and increased support where you need it. Getting a new pair of socks may not turn heads, but it may do wonders for how much you enjoy exercising.” - Jeff Banowitz, The Tribune News Service
“I’m loving SynchroKnit socks! As someone who does a lot of fast uphill and downhill running on the roads and trails, a no-slip sock is super important and these help keep my foot locked in without slipping!” Jon Levitt, For the Long Run Podcast
"While I love running, I would not be going out racing a Half Marathon right now, if it weren't for the Rambling Runner Half Marathon Virtual Race.  Thank you Synchroknit by Wigwam for supporting us runners and making this free to join and be accountable to a larger community.  Absolutely love my mid crew socks too!  So fitting and comfy!" - Melissa Cooney, 12x marathoner, owner of Rabrev Consulting
"I’ve tried dozens of brands and these are easily my favorite socks." - Matt Chittim, Rambling Runner Podcast  
"The socks definitely stood out to me as markedly more comfortable than many other I've run in. Specifically, they provided a snug fit without being too constricting, they were thick enough to provide cushioning without making my feet hot, and they didn't slide around and give me blisters. That's enough to get a five-star review from me" - Paige (writer and reviewer)