Virtual Races

What do you do if you are one of the 2.3 Million athletes impacted by one of the 5300 race cancellations through April?  Many are turning their attention towards Virtual Running platforms such as Strava and Zwift. Athletes and Race Directors across the country in big and small communities are looking for ways to replace their events or continue their training efforts.  Many others are turning to running simply to relieve stress in their lives. All are looking for space, but not too far from home and not in groups. Our world is changing every day and with it so are the social guidelines. We want to continue to encourage people to run for whatever reason motivates them (competition, physical health, mental health, connecting, etc) , but we must do it sensibly and with awareness to others.  We need to recognize that groups cannot be formed and that heavily trafficked areas must be avoided, but we also must recognize the need to get out.

Rambling / month-long series of multiple distances
For The Long Run – John Levitt creating incentives for listeners to run and post on social media
American River 25 & 50 – pre-registered runners received invite to participate in a Virtual run
Wasatch Trail Series -  - The WTS is developing new guidelines and incentives will be sent to all pre-registered runners of the series.


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