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Surpass Lightweight Mid-Crew
Surpass Lightweight Mid-Crew
Surpass Lightweight Mid-Crew
Surpass Lightweight Mid-Crew

Surpass Lightweight Mid-Crew

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A color blocked, mid-crew, lightweight running or trail sock that fits like nothing else out there. SynchroKnit construction drops stitches out of the knitting process to create a sock that is shaped like a foot and not like a tube. This allows for proper support and a contoured fit to be applied. Guaranteed not to slip or slide around in your shoe. This is the most precise fit available anywhere. Lightly cushioned in the footbed for a little extra bounce.

  • SynchroKnit™ patented contour knit, removes unneeded fabric creating an unrivaled precise fit.
  • Double ‚"Y" heel gore provides the most precise heel fit available.
  • "Y" gore toe box provides perfect room for natural expansion
  • Seamless toe seam
  • Size and Made in USA knit into cuff
  • Lightweight zone cushioned foot

    49% Polyester, 38% Stretch Nylon, 7% Tencel®, 6% Spandex

    The Experts Say:

    "Our testers loved the arch support in this lightweight mid-crew sock, as it can help relieve foot issues like mild plantar fasciitis". And the toe box wasn't too constrictive while still keeping tight support on the arch and keeping the cuffs under control."- Chris Foster, Triathlete Magazine

    "While I love running, I would not be going out racing a Half Marathon right now, if it weren't for the Rambling Runner Half Marathon Virtual Race. Thank you Synchroknit by Wigwam for supporting us runners and making this free to join and be accountable to a larger community. Absolutely love my mid crew socks too! So fitting and comfy!" - Melissa Cooney, 12x marathoner, owner of Rabrev Consulting

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